Sitting at 49 States

Buffalo in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Traveling is something I have always enjoyed and two years ago today I landed in Dickinson, North Dakota marking my 49th state visited.  In choosing where to visit in North Dakota it was Theodore Roosevelt National Park which peaked my interest. Doing some research prior to my visit, I read about the Enchanted Highway which is also not far away from Dickinson.

When I discuss the approaching mark of having been to all 50 states the one question frequently asked is “How was North Dakota not your 50th state?”.  North Dakota is starting to embrace being the 50th visited and the Fargo-Moorhead CVB has even started the Best for Last Club.

A few years ago, I compiled a short list of states left to visit and determined then which state of those remaining would be the 50th. The lucky state is Louisiana. Yes, Louisiana!

I really don’t know the answer to how I haven’t been Louisiana. There will always be one state which is the 50th state to visit. Based on the diversity of offerings across the country the question “How is that the final state?”, will always be asked.

When will I finally visit Louisiana?  The answer is soon, but will then raise the question “What is the next list to tackle?”.  I am welcoming ideas and would love to hear some of your thoughts on what should be the next adventure.

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