Icy Strait Point and the ZipRider – Hoonah

Located just north of the village of Hoonah, Alaska is Icy Strait Point. Originally Icy Strait Point was a cannery and over the years was used for various canning and fishing operations. Around twenty years ago the native corporation for the area (Huna Totem Corporation) purchased the cannery and built it up as Icy Strait Point.  As the area was developed more and more cruise ships would stop during their Inside Passage cruises.

In addition to various adventure activities, the most popular attraction is the ZipRider. This ride is over one mile in length and reaches speeds up to 60mph as it drops from the mountain into Icy Strait Point. On the day I visited it was quite clear allow for great views as I descended into Icy Strait Point.

The day I visited there were limited activities available since this was a Neighbors Day.  After venturing down the ZipRider, I walked the mile into Hoonah taking in the views along the way.

Icy Strait Point in Hoonah

On the way back to Juneau the catamaran will make a side trip if they know from other vessels there are whales in the area. On the day I went this was indeed the case and we headed up Lynn Canal a little until we came across a pod of whales.

Whales outside of Juneau

For around twenty minutes we watched the whales from a distance and just took in their beauty before heading back to Juneau.


Visiting Icy Strait Point and Hoonah

The two primary ways to make your way to Icy Strait Point is either by an Inside Passage cruise or one of the Neighbors Days trips. These trips occur a few times each year from Juneau.  The Neighbors Day option is a little more limited to the what is open on the specific day you visit.  Also on these trips, here will be around 100 people versus over 1,000 with a cruise ship.

Alaska Marine Highways also provides service to Hoonah. However, Icy Strait Point is primarily focused for cruise ships thus it is not always possible to gain access without being on a ship.

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